PS5 Lyrics – salem ilese & TXT

PS5 Lyrics – Salem Ilese & TXT Featuring Al Walker From English Album Unsponsored Content (2022). Song lyrics for PS5 written by Salem Ilese and produced by MARO, Alan Walker. The music video was released on 23rd February, 2022.

PS5 Lyrics

Cast & Crew:

Album:Unsponsored Content (2022)
Singer:salem ilese, TXT
Produced By:MARO, Alan Walker
Written By:salem ilese

PS5 Lyrics

[Intro: Salem Ilese]

[Verse 1: Salem Ilese]
Eyes Up, You’ve Been Gone For A Fortnight
My Love, Are You Stuck In A Fake Life?
Can’t Win If The Prize Is The Wasted Time
Now It’s Wasting Mine

[Pre-Chorus: Salem Ilese]
And I Know That We’re Close But I’m Lonely
Make Me Your Only, You Won’t Win The Trophy
But Can I Kiss You Like This When You Hold Me?
Missing It Lowkey, I’ll Say It Slowly

[Chorus: Salem Ilese]
It’s Me Or The PS5
Tell Me How You Wanna Spend Your Night
Three’s Feeling Way Too Tight
So If It’s Not Me
Then I’m Probably Gonna Run It Over
Me Or The PS5
Tell Me Which Of Us Is More Your Type
Seems Like You Can’t Decide
So If It’s Not Me
Thеn I’m Probably Gonna Run It Over

[Verse 2: Yeonjun, Taehyun]
My Love, Know I’m In For The Long Ridе
(In For The Long Ride)
I’m Not Playing Games Of The Wrong Kind
Could Be Keeping Secrets And Telling Lies
But I’m Just Online

[Pre-Chorus: Taehyun]
And I Can Promise You I’ll Never Play Ya
I’ll Find A Way To Show You I’m Grateful
So I’m Begging You, Two Minutes Only
You’ll Get A Trophy, I’m Staying Faithful

[Chorus: Yeonjun, Taehyun]
It’s Me And The PS5
Tell Me Why You Making Me Decide (Yeah!)
Please, Don’t You See I’m Live? (I’m Live)
So If You Don’t Leave
I Can Find A Way To Win You Over
Me And The PS5
Let’s Just Move It, I’ma Be At Mine (Yeah!)
Score’s Never Been This High (So High)
So If You Don’t Leave
I Can Find A Way To Win You Over

[Outro: Salem Ilese]
Me Or The PS5
Me Or The PS5
Me Or The PS5

Official Music Video:

“PS5” was sung by whom?

“PS5” was sung by “salem ilese, TXT”.

Who wrote the lyrics to “PS5”?

“Salem ilese” wrote the lyrics to the song “PS5”.

Who composed the music for “PS5”?

“Maro, Alan Walker” has composed the music for “PS5”.

When was “PS5” released?

“PS5” was released on “23rd February, 2022”.