Take Me Back Lyrics – NEFFEX

NEFFEX – Take Me Back Lyrics from NEFFEX (Singles) (2022). Take Me Back song lyrics written and produced by NEFFEX. The video has been released on 23rd March, 2022.

Take Me Back Lyrics

Cast & Crew:

Album:NEFFEX (Singles) (2022)
Produced By:NEFFEX
Written By:NEFFEX

Take Me Back Lyrics

Official Music Video:

Who sang “Take Me Back”?

“Take Me Back” is a song by NEFFEX.

Who wrote the lyrics to “Take Me Back”?.

“NEFFEX” wrote the lyrics for “Take Me Back”.

Who composed the music for “Take Me Back?”.

The song “Take Me Back” was composed by NEFFEX.

When was “Take Me Back” released?

The song “Take Me Back” was released on “23rd March, 2022”.